G7 Certification


In 2011, Circle Graphics earned the G7 Print Certification by IDEAlliance. This certification is evidence of using G7, a universal grayscale definition and calibration method. By using this methodology Circle Graphics is able to reproduce a printed image very accurately across multiple printing presses and substrates.

The G7 method calibrates our printing equipment to define the grayscale by using one dimensional curves which consider how the human eye functions rather than using a more mechanical process such as dot size or dot gain. This ensures consistent neutral tonality and gray balance within each image printed. By achieving neutral tonality and defining the gray balance from a given proof, we are more easily able to reproduce the colors as we send it to our presses.

By achieving neutral tonality, we are also able to preserve the density and contrast of the lighter tones, or highlights, within each image. The images we print, with the highlights preserved, will have consistent lightness and contrast throughout despite being sent to different printers within our facility. In addition, the G7 methodology is substrate relative and adapts to the different colors of the various substrates we print on such as Vinyl, Eco-Flexx, Eco-Backlit Paper, PSV, and many others.

Circle Graphics takes an extreme amount of pride in our ability to work faithfully reproducing your images. This is why we make sure we have every advantage possible to make sure our products are top quality and this includes using G7. If you would like more detailed information of the G7 Certification and IDEAlliance, you can find it at www.idealliance.org.

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