Bus Super King

This pressure sensitive vinyl’s ability to bond well to painted surfaces, OEM plastic and metal surfaces while still being easily removable makes it a great option for Bus Display applications.

Eco-Backlit Transit Shelter

Circle Graphics is excited to offer our new Eco-Backlit shelter as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional backlit paper shelters. In addition to being 100% recyclable PE, this shelter product provides excellent uniform transparency and translucence for backlit advertising panels.

Taxi Top

This advertisement, placed on the top of a taxi, provides excellent exposure within metropolitan areas served by taxicabs. The pressure sensitive vinyl will adhere to both polycarbonate and acrylic surfaces with superior cold weather anti-cracking properties, our taxi products are sure to give you the performance you need.

Subway Poster

Our subway posters provide exceptional performance in the midst of heavy commuter traffic. These subway posters will withstand tough environmental conditions, abrasions and are cleanly removable.

Phone Kiosk

Our Phone Kiosk products are a great way to take advantage of a built-in public service to provide exposure to individuals using the public phone. This substrate is a both removable and re-positionable while still bonding well to fiberglass, painted metal and stainless steel.