Placing Orders with Circle Graphics

Circle Graphics strives to make your printing experience as easy as possible. Please review the general information below for information on how to place orders and how your order will flow through our facilities.

Scheduling Information:
To help with your production and media planning, Circle Graphics provides reliable and consistent turnaround on production. While our standard turnaround times are very fast, if you do need a job faster than our standard turnaround times please notify your Account Manager and we will always try hard to accommodate your rush request. You can always check your job status online in addition to calling Circle Graphics.

First Step: Fill Out Order Information:

For your first order only, we ask that you fill out a paper version of our online order form and fax or email it in to us. Please be sure to fill in all details on the order form to avoid any delay in processing.

Complete our editable PDF order forms online (one for vinyl products and the other for paper products).

For first time customers: Please contact Circle Graphics using our contact form.

For returning customers: Please log into My Circle or contact your Account Manager.

Outdoor Advertising Product Order Form

Once we receive the form we will enter you into our system as a new customer and will set you up to place subsequent orders via our user friendly online ordering system, “My Circle”.

Once we enter your first order in our system manually you will receive an email “Order Confirmation” that has all of the details of your order for your review. For your subsequent online orders you will receive the same confirmation as soon as you “submit” the order to us. Please review your Order Confirmation to make sure your order information is accurate and let us know as soon as possible if you see any discrepancies.

Second Step:

Artwork Submission and Proofing:
We Want Your Art

After receipt of artwork we will advance your job to our prepress department to be worked. Keep in mind that all jobs are worked with their ship/receipt dates in mind. You will receive a proof within a 24 hour period of us receiving your artwork.

Step 3: Proof Approval

You will receive an email with a proof for approval. Click on PDF proof link for proof approval. Enter your information and click approve. A proof reminder email will be resent daily until the order has been approved.

Screen shot of example of proof approved. Expandable type accordion steps of screenshots.

Once all of the items on your order are boxed and the shipping labels are affixed to the package(s), we will send you an email shipping confirmation with tracking numbers. This confirmation goes out after all of the items in the order have shipped.
After the shipping confirmation email, a final invoice will be sent via your preferred method within 24-48 hours of the entire order shipment.

General Information on Processes and Follow-Up
If you choose to upload your art via FTP, we ask that you notify your Account Manager.
We have excellent systems in place to assure that your orders are given the attention that they deserve all of the way through our facility.

Purpose of a Proof
Circle Graphics provides many proofing options for your large format digital printing project. Your proof is a miniature representation of your final large-format output. The Customer should use the proof for content and placement.

Types of Proofs
The following is a list of proofing options we offer:

» No Proof Required: The Customer has sent in print ready art and doesn’t want to see a proof before printing begins.

Please note, when “No Proof” is requested, you lose the ability to check over the art one last time to ensure that there are no mistakes on the artwork before printing begins. You provide us the authority to move forward as is.

» Soft/Online Proof: Circle generates a PDF proof that will be emailed to the individual who can authorize approval.

Online proofs allow you to see the art before we begin printing and give the opportunity to catch any potential errors. Online proofs are not color accurate due to computer monitors not being calibrated to the same measurements, so the screen cannot show exactly what the color on the final project will look.
» Mini Substrate Proof: This color accurate proof is printed with the same substrate and inks as a full site production and is recommended for color critical campaigns.

The following is a listing of some of the job statuses that you may see for your job if you track it online via My Circle, as it flows through our facilities.

Web Order – If you have placed a vinyl order without adding any comments to the “Order Notes” section AND your account DOES NOT have custom notes that populate every order, your order will be placed into “Web Order” status for review by your Account Manager.

Hold for Review — If you have placed a Web Order and have added any “Order Notes” to the order OR if your account has any custom notes that are added to every order in our system, your job will stop in “Hold for Review” status for review by your Account Manager.

Art Needed — Your order will remain in this status if your artwork was not uploaded at the same time your Web Order was placed (either via the link provided at the end of order submission process or via the link in your email confirmation). You will also see this status note if you are uploading artwork to our FTP site or if you are sending your artwork on a disk or by hard drive.

Reorder — If you let us know that your job is a reorder of previous artwork, your job will be in Reorder status until we pull the artwork from our archives. You may use a previous order number back five years. Please notate the order and line number from your past submission while reordering online.

Prepress — Once your artwork is received and we determine that it is not a file that is built using our template, the job will go into our Prepress Department to be worked.

Art Hold — If there are any concerns with the artwork for your order we will put the job on “Art Hold” and contact you to resolve the issue. Your Account Manager will contact you to review the concern.

Vinyl QC – Once your artwork is worked, your order will advance into Vinyl QC status so that Prepress can check all aspects of the job for accuracy.

Customer Approval — Once your proof has been sent, your job will remain in this status until we receive your approval.

Print — This status means your job is ready to be printed and actively waiting to be assigned to a printer.

Post Press — This status means that your job has been printed and is being and prepped for shipping.

Shipped — Once your order is packaged and the shipping label is affixed to the box the status will be shipped. Please keep in mind that “shipped” status means that we have prepared the package for shipment — and does not necessarily mean that the package has been picked up at our facility by the preferred carrier.